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Visiting a Las Vegas dentist for a professional teeth cleaning is always a good idea. A thorough professional cleaning from our professional staff involves removing plaque, tartar and superficial stains from your teeth. Removing plaque and debris from teeth, especially from places like underneath the gum line and in-between teeth (where a toothbrush can’t reach) is extremely important. Plaque harbors harmful bacteria that can slowly erode the enamel of your teeth to form cavities or cause inflammation of the supporting structures around your teeth and gum disease.

Combating plaque is the single most effective way to prevent dental disease. When you visit your Las Vegas dentist for a checkup our dental team can employ the most advanced dental technology to detect tooth decay and gum disease in their earliest stages, giving you the best chance to avoid spending more time in the dentist’s chair. At every checkup visit to your Las Vegas dentist, our team will carefully evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw for any sign of dental disease or developing problems.

Las Vegas Dentist

If your Las Vegas dentist believes that you have early signs of periodontal disease, you should undergo a periodontal deep teeth cleaning to remove all the tartar, plaque, and bacteria from below your gum line. During a periodontal cleaning the hygienist performs the same services as in a regular teeth cleaning, and then takes it a few steps further by cleaning the “pockets” formed between the gums and the tooth by gum disease. All the plaque, calculus, and debris from below your gum line will be removed, and the roots of the affected teeth will be smoothed and planed to eliminate bacteria. A deep cleaning in conjunction with an effective oral hygiene routine can reverse the earliest stages of periodontal disease to prevent further infection and help your teeth and gums heal.

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